Sunday, April 12, 2009

Community Action for God's Planet

After two months of planning, writing, re-writing, floating ideas, and learning about our city's capabilities we've finally put our neighborhood recycling program into action. Our particular geographical location does not benefit from city recycling pick-up. So, today I (along with my wife and son) passed out fliers inviting everyone in the neighborhood to leave their recyclable products in bags on the curb every other Saturday so that I can drive around, collect everything, and taking it to the city's recycling center.

Our neighborhood only has about 100 homes so this should be very manageable, I hope. I'm sure many people will not participate and if I have to make two trips in my truck, even though it will burn more gas, I will. In addition to the recycling there is also a new neighborhood bulletin board where people can communicate Online more easily. The overall goals are to reduce the amount of garbage that is thrown out into landfills, increase recycling, and help people in the neighborhood to connect with one another more easily.

Within 6 hours of placing the fliers on mailboxes around the neighborhood I received several emails from excited neighbors who always wanted an easier way to recycle or who were looking for others in the neighborhood to connect with. Thus, as of day 1, I am proud to say that it looks like I will be able to successfully claim that the goals are being accomplished. We'll see how things are going a month from now, but I think this has a good chance of making it...


  1. Awesome news! Let us know how it goes!

  2. I will keep you posted. The response is still been very positive over the last few days. We are feeling a great sense of accomplishment and excitement as we make new connections with people in our neighborhood and help to reduce waist in landfills.